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This is Need for Speed: Most Wanted from 2005 (not the 2012 release made by Criterion). Also, this is the PC version, console version might work differently.

100% Complete Save Game

This save game has everything complete: Career, Rap Sheet and Challenge Series. Also included is a NFS Underground 2 Career save so you can start new Most Wanted Careers with an extra 10,000 in cash.

Download file (10.4 MB)

Unzip to any folder and read Career save instructions.txt

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X-Men Legends II Complete Save File

(PC Version. Sorry no console saves available at this time.)

This is an XML2 savegame that features everything complete: main story, all Danger Room scenarios, unlocked Deadpool, Iron Man and Professor X, etc. You can use this to start a new game +.

Before downloading, start XML2 and load up the game in the #1 save slot and re-save it somewhere else (if you want to keep it). Quit the game.

Download file

Unzip the contents to your save directory, which is typically:

My Documents\Activision\X-Men Legends 2\Save

Start XML2 again and load up the saved game. You can then quit to the main menu and start a new game at any difficulty level (including Hard) and you'll have all costumes, characters, etc.