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In honor of Quicksilver, this review will be in the form of quick hits (mild spoilers, nothing you wouldn’t figure out from the trailers, but still)…

  • Quicksilver is the best thing about this movie. At this point, I could watch 90 minutes of QS sequences and feel happy for the money spent. Make this happen, Fox.
  • Best Jean Grey and Scott Summers ever portrayed on screen. (Sorry Famke Janssen. Not sorry James Marsden.)
  • Best Nightcrawler ever portrayed on screen. (Sorry Alan Cumming.)
  • Psylocke and Angel might as well have not shown up.
    • Jubilee too.
  • Hey, 20th Century Fox, more Quicksilver, please.
  • Apocalypse wasn’t remotely frightening.
  • But Magneto sure was.
    • I have absolutely no interest in the Assassin’s Creed movie, but might watch it anyway just because Michael Fassbender.
  • I am not happy that Mystique is a good hero. Mystique is a super villain.
  • Based strictly on her performances in the 3 X-Men films, it’s hard to understand how Jennifer Lawrence gets any accolades.
    • And “Apocalypse” was, by far, her worst turn as Mystique.
  • I like Hugh Jackman, he’s even made me a fan of Wolverine, though I never liked Wolvy in the comics. But, c’mon, that whole Weapon X sequence was irrelevant and boring.
    • Not the cleanup after-credits scene, though. That was amusing.
  • I hope DC is taking notes for how to handle Flash in their movies.
    • And, I sure wish Marvel hadn’t killed off Quicksilver in the MCU.
  • Movie could have been shortened by 30 minutes with less talking. These characters natter on WAY too much.
  • Nice little origin story for Storm, but her overall arc was far too rushed.
  • Mind blown during final fight. I wasn’t expecting THAT.
    • Jean Grey. Yikes.
  • We really, really, really need more Quicksilver scenes.
  • Worth a matinee ticket.