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A gamer tells you graphics don't matter.
Then tells you to play games on PC because, better graphics.

A gamer bemoans the lack of innovation in the industry.
Then screams bloody murder when a favorite franchise updates the core gameplay.

A gamer complains there are too many sequels and not enough new IP.
While buying Super Mario Halo Killzone 15.

A gamer screams publishers are ripping them off with day one DLC.
Then buys the game used.

A gamer criticizes new consoles for not having backward compatibility.
But trades in all their old games to buy new ones.

A gamer argues games are art.
Then demands the artists patch their game because the players don't like the ending.

A gamer objects to the depictions of women in games.
Then treats women gamers like dirt.

A gamer mourns the closing of a studio.
Then returns their game that was only rented.

A gamer is passionate about games.
And passion makes you do weird things.