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I've said a lot of bad things about the Playstation 3. I questioned its abilities. I bemoaned its excessively high price. I postulated it wasn't worth getting when a Wii + an Xbox 360 (the so-called Wii60) was a better deal with better games.

I'm sorry, Sony.

I own a PS3 now (giving me the PSWii combo) and it's freaking awesome. This Fall was to be the "build a new gaming PC". This new rig would play Fallout 3, Dragon Age: Origins and lots of other great games. But...something funny happened on the way to Instead of a new PC, I ended up with a new HDTV and a PS3. I think I came out on top on this deal. Especially now Bioware has confirmed Dragon Age: Origins will come to consoles. The last coffin nail in my PC gaming days has been driven in. I'm officially a console fan-boy.

Let the hate-mail begin...