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I've long maintained video games are a good entertainment value. Compare the average video game to the average movie. A movie costs $20 on DVD and provides about 2 hours of entertainment ($10 per hour). A game costs $50 or $60 and provides at least 10 hours of entertainment ($5 to $6 per hour) and frequently provides more. The new BioWare RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, is a great value. There's at least 40 or 50 hours of gameplay (without the mandatory replays for earning trophies/achievements). At $60 for the console version of the game, that's about $1.50 per hour of entertainment.

DLC (downloadable content) is another matter entirely. The "Stone Prisoner" DLC is included free with new copies of the game, so that's a wash. If you buy a used copy of the game, however, it will cost you $15 to download about an hour's worth of additional content. The $7 "Warden's Keep" takes about 30 minutes to play (if that). That's half again as expensive per hour of entertainment as a movie! No wonder publishers love DLC.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 recently released a character pack that gives you five new characters to play with (that don't actually add any playtime) and four missions that take about 20 to 30 minutes of extra playtime. All for $10--a rate of $20 per hour for the extra entertainment!

DLC makes sense for online competitive games where extra characters or items can change and freshen online play. Burnout Paradise made extra cars that added great value to online play and some extra playtime to offline single-player. It's hard to measure extra online play; but, generally that will be a good value. It seems, though, as if DLC intended for offline, single-player games is extremely over-priced.

With the cost of game development spiralling ever higher, it's only natural for publishers to seek to recoup costs through other avenues than just upping the cost of the game itself (which they can't do because the console manufacturers want to keep game prices low to increase attach rates). Still, the price-gouging that takes place with DLC seems a bit excessive. Surely they could sell-through more DLC if they reduced the cost to put the value at least closer to the $10 per hour of entertainment provided by a movie.

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This is about games, just not video games (well, games relate tangenitally to the topic). Rather, it's about the NFL games played yesterday (Nov 15). Two of them, anyway. In one game, the coach made a good decision that didn't work and he is now being excoriated by fans and sports "experts." In the other game, the coach made a bad decision that did work out and he and the player who executed the play are being hailed as geniuses.

In Indianapolis, Bill Belichik decided to attempt to get a first down on 4th-and-2 with 2:08 remaining on New England's own 28-yard line and ahead by 6. The play failed, Indianapolis got the ball back and scored to win the game. Everyone thinks Belichik should have punted and forced the Colts to drive 70 or 80 yards for the win. But, Belichik played for the win. He had just watched his defense get carved up by Manning for 2 quick TD drives and he had no reason to think they could hold after a punt. (There are many who say the coach dissed his defense. Of course he did! They were great for 3 quarters and then rolled over and played dead.) Had the 4th-down play worked, Belichik would be hailed as a genius and a courageous coach who played for the win. Punting is playing not to lose. Belichik played the percentages (the Patriots convert 4th-and-short over 60% of the time) and it failed. That doesn't make his decision "bad," just the result.

(What was a bad decision was trying to stop Indianapolis. New England should have let the Colts score quickly and then driven down for a winning field goal.)

In New York, Maurice Jones-Drew was heading into the end zone with the Jags down by 1 and only 1:00 left on the clock. Instead, under his coach's direction, he went down at the 1 yard line and the Jags ran down the clock and then kicked a winning field goal. Del Rio and MoJo are considered to be very smart; but, what he did was stupid. You're behind, you take the points! A figgie, even from the 3, is not automatic. You're going in for a TD, take it! Then challenge your defense to hold since the Jets will need to drive the length of the field with no timeouts in less than a minute. But, the field goal was good, the Jags won and everyone thinks it was a smart play. The decision wasn't "good;" but, the result was.

This is a lot like real life. We don't really know whether a decision is "good" or "bad" until we make it and play out the result. One of the things I really like about Dragon Age thus far is the fact all the decisions in the game are not "good" or "bad". There's no "karma meter" or "axis of evil". All you have are decisions and the results of playing out those decisions.

Oh, and I've read The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. If the movie that opens this week is half as good as the book, it will be worth seeing. (And you should also read the book.)

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I had an interesting discussion a couple of days ago. I was chatting with a relative and the conversation turned to video games. We discussed Fallout 3, Halo, Oblivion, and various other games. We compared playing styles and talked about what we liked and didn't like in games.

So, what's interesting about that?

Well, I'm 42 and the relative was my wife's uncle who is in his 60s. A conversation about the merits of FO3's VATS system would not be out of place between a couple of young adults. But, two men with gray in their beards? Not as unusual as you might think.

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I've said a lot of bad things about the Playstation 3. I questioned its abilities. I bemoaned its excessively high price. I postulated it wasn't worth getting when a Wii + an Xbox 360 (the so-called Wii60) was a better deal with better games.

I'm sorry, Sony.

I own a PS3 now (giving me the PSWii combo) and it's freaking awesome. This Fall was to be the "build a new gaming PC". This new rig would play Fallout 3, Dragon Age: Origins and lots of other great games. But...something funny happened on the way to Instead of a new PC, I ended up with a new HDTV and a PS3. I think I came out on top on this deal. Especially now Bioware has confirmed Dragon Age: Origins will come to consoles. The last coffin nail in my PC gaming days has been driven in. I'm officially a console fan-boy.

Let the hate-mail begin...

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sun lian small

The following was not written by me, it is a copy of a GameFAQs forum post. It details how to change the player character model to one of the NPCs in the game. Further elaboration can be found on  Lucasforums:

Thread 1


someone | Posted 3/23/2007 4:27:49 PM | message detail

It's pretty easy:

Basically I just learned what the users at the official forum were doing:

and tried it out for myself. We're getting pretty far along.

Also, in case u don't want to read the description on youtube, I actually did NOT replace the other characters to choose at the start. All of them are there, and now these extra characters are available for use.

How do you get sigged? Seriously, How? -THUGTHAWSK8R

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Dungeon Siege II save

This is a complete save from the end of DS2 at Mercenary level. It has the PC (dryad ranger, 45), Lothar (fighter, 45), Finala (combat mage, 45) and Taar (nature mage, 45). All quests are complete and the Lore section is complete. The characters are almost entirely outfitted in set and unique items. You can use this to start DS2 at Veteran level or convert it to Broken World and start BW at Merc level. Unzip the file to My Documents\My Games\Dungeon Siege 2\Save\SinglePlayer

DS2 Broken World save

This is a complete save from the end of BW at Mercenary level. It has the PC (dryad ranger, 50), Lothar (fighter, 50), Finala (combat mage, 50) and Taar (nature mage, 50). All quests are complete and the Lore section is almost complete (still missing some of the high-level reagent recipes). You'll also find Yoren, Ressa and an adult pack mule in the Inn. Unzip the file to My Documents\My Games\Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World\Save\SinglePlayer